Many viral challenges leave us shaking our heads.  This one will leave you with watery eyes.

Inspired by the Venmo Challenge and Tip Challenge trends on Tik Tok, Paxton Schaller asked her facebook friends to donate via venmo and cash app so she could go make a the day of a server in Southwest Michigan.  She was hoping to raise $500.

In just four days the community came together to the tune of $1,080 for Paxton's tip challenge.  It just goes to show how badly we all really do want to help each other.  Lord knows we all want to watch the videos of waiters and waitresses being surprised with hundreds of dollars when they're expecting a fiver.

Paxton decided to split the donations and make the day brighter for two different people.  So, first it was Joyce from Brew Ha Ha.  (If you can't see the video below click here.)

Then it was a waitress at Prime Table.  (Click here if you can't see the video below.)

In a world of negativity it is more than heart warming to see videos like these.  If you know of someone spreading love like this in Southwest Michigan, please let us know about it in the comments.

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