First, they do not want teachers to be deemed essential workers in today’s economy.

Then they want to short change children’s education by having no in-person instruction.

Then they want the state to waive any assessments of the schools and teachers for at least the upcoming year.  Which proves my last point, thank you very much.

Then they want the Federal government to pay for the decisions of the Governors specifically when it comes down to the shutting down of our economy for months on end.

Now they want the state to waive all enrollment and attendance requirements.

You starting to get the picture here?

In the end, only the children are short-changed and assessed.  Why is it always the children that are affected by the negative consequences caused by the decisions of the adults in the educational business?

What are the teachers and administration giving up during these trying times?  It appears nothing and in fact not are they not giving up anything during these trying times they are actually making more money (hazard pay for teaching from home) and fewer requirements on their performance.

The Detroit News is reporting that:

State superintendent Michael Rice reiterated during a virtual meeting of the State Board of Education that traditional methods of logging days, hours, enrollment and attendance have to change this school year.

Did you know that executive orders signed by Whitmer last spring that waived the state's minimum requirement for instructional hours and a 75% minimum daily attendance law?  I forgot that Whitmer once again was not looking out for the best interest of the children in this case but for the administrators.  This executive order is set to expire on Sept. 30, 2020.

Superintendent Rice in regards to his request of waiving daily and hourly instruction rules stated:

"It makes best sense for the Legislature to address them all cohesively ... rather than they be chopped up between and among multiple parties…To do otherwise could adversely affect children and schools, albeit inadvertently."

Yes, Mr. Rice waiving daily and hourly instruction “could adversely affect children” by not giving them the education they need, deserve, and what we pay for.  Why isn’t Mr. Rice worried about the education of these children or does he really believe by not providing them the proper amount of daily and hourly instruction actually helps their education.

Why is the educational business in Michigan shortchanging these children’s education and experience when all science leads to the fact that it is better to open the schools and instruct in person rather than close the schools.  Teachers and students with underlying health problems can either teach from home with their students watching them from a TV in their classrooms or the student watching the classroom from the safety of their home.

Once again the children appear to be at the bottom of the pyramid when it comes to educating them when the science is on their side?

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