Since I'm limited on the words I can legally use to express my disgust...the one I'll have to settle on is "vile". That's the term I'm using to describe a vile and unacceptable act that just occurred at a local cemetery.

As reported by WWMT News Channel 3, yesterday morning spray paint was discovered on six separate headstones at Ahavas Israel, a Jewish cemetery in Grand Rapids. The words read "Trump" and "Maga". You can see the photos below shared on ADL Michigan's Twitter.

Now, it would be really easy to jump to conclusions and blame Trump supporters or those that oppose him, to say "those republicans" or "those democrats". In fact, on WWMT's Facebook page that's exactly what people did. Words like "libtard" and "Nazi" were thrown around without hesitation and with most seeming to forget that name calling doesn't find the person or persons who did this. Nor will it bring comfort to the families or descendants of those who had their gravestones vandalized.

The Michigan Democratic Jewish Caucus released a statement about the vandalism saying,

The desecration at Ahavas Israel is evocative of the febrile political atmosphere our country finds itself in right now. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It certainly doesn't.  In this political climate we seem to lose focus on what makes us human which is, at least in part, our empathy. Our respect. Our compassion. And while no one was physically injured, the disrespect will certainly leave an impression.

Grand Rapids police are investigating the incident. As of last night, there are no known suspects.

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