In West Michigan, cereal is a way of life, with Battle Creek being the cereal capital of the world. But just south of us in Ohio, rests a cereal bar which may have the most intimidating cereal challenge ever, and my stomach is already churning just thinking about eating this much. One Bowl "The Cereal Bar" located at 115 W Center St Fostoria, OH, is a good 3 hour hike from Kalamazoo but poses a serious "One Bowl" challenge for those willing to take it. If you think you've got what it takes, here's what you need in order to participate:

Preparing To Destroy

The challenge is $25 to enter and you have to schedule the challenge 24 hours in advance. There is a "Hungry" bowl served at the restaurant. 5 of those go into 1 giant bowl. The total amount of cereal equals 20 cups, the equivalent of 2 1/2 boxes of cereal.

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Choosing Your Cereal

They have a wheel with sections, each of which contain a different cereal that they serve. You spin the wheel 5 times until all cereals are chosen. You're given one gallon of milk to use in the challenge, although it's not required that you drink all of it, just to use to soften the cereal. Once you're all set, you have 25 minutes to complete the challenge.

One person commented on their Facebook under the menu that finishing the bowl in 25 minutes or less wins you $150, but on a video someone indicated the money was in the 90's, so the prize goes up. It's currently at $150, and if you  win you get a t-shirt, a picture on the wall, and bragging rights.

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