Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools are continuing with online learning today. The district made the decision to keep buildings closed after three positive COVID-19 virus cases were reported in the district’s Early Childhood Special Education program. That qualifies as an outbreak. So the district went online only and will continue in that mode for a couple of days.  Parents, guardians, and students had to dust off their instructions to access instructor’s SeeSaw or Google Classroom data to link up. The district website notice is indicating Thursday the 1st as the tentative day students will return to in-person classes at their respective buildings.   But the return to in-person classes is not yet locked in by the district.  Those reporting positive test results are quarantined along with an unreported number of others who have been determined to be close contacts. The contact tracing is being carried out with the help of the Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services Department.

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