We all have to accept the fact that winter is upon us. But it doesn't have to be all bad. It's a time to come together and even make positive changes for ourselves. That's what my plan is. I actually want to get rid of my "winter body" which means getting out more this season.

There are some wonderful places in the area to go hiking while being able to enjoy a beautiful atmosphere. Here are a few that I thought of:

Kalamazoo Nature Center - This amazing plot of land offers an array of paths with a lot of different terrain layouts and sights that simply resemble paintings. They even offer a map inside so you don't get lost. If there's one place I am definitely visiting after the first snow, it's here.
Photo: Bobby Guy
Fort Custer - A simple recreational passport is all you need in order to enjoy this historic trail. It's best to stick to the equestrian trails so you don't risk getting injured by possible mountain bikers.
Photo: Bobby Guy
  • Kellogg Forest - This unique forest is located off 42nd St in Augusta. With wide trails and open atmosphere, finding your way through these trails won't be difficult.
  • Chipman Preserve - This walk is for advanced hikers. There are many intertwining trails that can be a little confusing, so don't get lost. There is also a really cool teepee and you can enjoy the pine forest that lines the back of the property.
  • Spring Valley Park - This is the perfect walk for anyone who enjoys mild terrain. There is even a paved trail down by the lake that this park surrounds.
  • This is just a fraction of the places you can go and get a good dose of nature, like the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail or the Kal-Haven Trail . Hope to see you out there this season. Bring cocoa.