Our newest edition to the Pothole Tracker takes us to Central Calhoun County and was provided by one of our listeners.

Thanks to Molly Higdon, she provided us some insight into an absolute mess of pothole just north of Eckford. She told us that there are multiple areas on B Drive South between Homer Road and 22 Mile Road where one side of the road is completely full of potholes.

Molly also mention that the Calhoun County Road Commission comes out to the area ever so often to cold patch the potholes, only lasting a few months.

The weather continues to be iffy and more potholes are showing up by the day. That's where you come in! Just like Molly did, if you see potholes around the area, let us know. Send me your pictures, the location and a brief description right here and you could be featured in our next Pothole Tracker on 953wbck.com.

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