Some state lawmakers want better protection in place for your communications and electronic data. State Senator Jim Runestad, a Republican from White Lake, has helped to steer a new protection plan through the upper chamber. It’s getting strong bipartisan support. Every State Senator, Democrats included, are voting to advance a ballot proposal to the State House for its review. If the House goes along with a 2/3rds approval level, the plan will appear on the Michigan's general election ballot in November as a constitutional amendment.

Senator Runestad says there are just too many ways, without your permission, third parties can access things like your emails, text messages, and even health data that is collected or transmitted by a phone app. Runestad's Michigan Senate Joint Resolution G would place communications and data in the same group of items like houses, papers, and possessions that are already safeguarded by the Michigan State Constitution and the 4th Amendment.

Runestad says with the advance of smartphones and other forms of personal technology, it’s time for the law to preserve personal privacy no matter where it begins, ends up at, or is stored in between.  The senator says we shouldn’t be forced to choose between advancing technologies and protecting our personal privacy and thoughts from authority. Runestad says the new approach is a great step in the right direction.

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