Calhoun County is asking for input on the future of their public transportation system.

Calhoun County announced the Calhoun Transit Study on Thursday, an online survey which will “look for ways to expand accessibility for people in the County who need or desire better transit access”. The survey asks citizens about how they travel, what their priorities for transportation are, and what their vision for public transit might be.

The data gathered in this study will help Calhoun County develop an implementation plan and actions that can be taken to reach the goals of that plan. It will help the project team look at existing traffic flows, and "take inventory" of existing transit services. It will help the project team "understand the gaps in service and barriers to using services that limit mobility in Calhoun County."

It’s funded and supported by the Michigan Department of Transportation, Calhoun County, and other community organizations.

You can take the survey yourself, by going to

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