File under non-fiction: Battle Creek Books is leaving downtown and moving East to Marshall.

A name change is in order for Battle Creek Books which will be known as 'The Mitten Word Bookshop' when they reopen in Marshall, MI. No firm opening date has been set for the new store at 114 W. Michigan Ave in Marshall, but the Battle Creek location on W. Michigan Ave. will close March 17 according to published reports in the Battle Creek Enquirer.

Sadly, businesses struggling in the Cereal City is not a novel idea. Recent troubles at Lakeview Square Mall and the closing of a cereal plant have hit the city hard. There are a couple of bright spots with businesses like 5 Below opening locations and medical marijuana businesses could rejuvenate the local economy.

For Battle Creek Books, it was not necessarily dissatisfaction with the current downtown location, but the attractive idea of moving to Marshall. Bookstores have had to embrace novel ideas like adding coffee shops to compete with online sales and personalize the experience for shoppers; Marshall seems to be a better fit.

So, fans of hardcovers and hard copies of books and bestsellers will soon be able to browse the stacks in Historic Downtown Marshall.

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