A headline screamed out at me "Obama Outsources 100,000 More Jobs To Guest Workers".  I thought to myself, really are there not Americans who need and are qualified for these jobs.

Why are we bringing in foreigners for open jobs in America when we have so many people out of work.  Surely there are some Americans with in the 10 of millions who are unemployed that have the qualifications for these jobs.

The Obama administration will invite at least 100,000 extra foreign workers to take jobs from Americans in the U.S. over the next four years, according to a May 6 statement by President Obama's deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security,  Alejandro Mayorkas.

Increasing the number of foreign workers will boost the resident population of graduate guest workers above 750,000. Let us look at that number, that is almost as many jobs as the entire number of 842,000 blue-collar, white-collar and professional jobs that the Presidents administrations claimed were gained from January to the end of April.

As what is now appearing to be a political move to buy more votes, in June 2012, during the 2012 presidential campaign, President Obama began granting more work permits to young illegal immigrants. Since then, he has given work-permits to 521,815 illegal immigrants, who are in some cases if not a majority are directly competing for the jobs sought by the 4 million Americans who turn 18 each year.

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