I interviewed Governor Snyder today (Monday July 10) and we discussed the Good Jobs Legislation.

THe Governor is Supporting Senate Bills 242243 and 244 also known as the “Good Jobs for Michigan package.  He states that they are tools which should bring large-scale job providers across to Michigan.

Governor Snyder wrote an opinion piece published in the Detroit News in which he stated:

The package of bills provides meaningful incentives to employers who create over 250 new jobs and are paying 125 percent or more of the regional average wage, as well as to employers who create over 500 jobs and are paying 100 percent or more of average regional wages. But the key to this program is that it is absolutely performance-based; the proposals would be reviewed and validated, transparent, and audited and verified every year. There is no risk to the state because if a company doesn’t create the jobs as promised, they will receive no tax incentives. Also, there would be a maximum program cap in place

To hear my Interview with Governor Snyder please click on the link below:


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