63rd District State Rep. Dave Maturen is perhaps the top expert in the State Legislature in the area of property taxes and assessments.   After all, he's served at the county and township board levels.  He's held a Level 3 Assessor Certificate for more than 30 years. Prior to starting his own business, Dave worked for 13 years for the Property Tax Division of the State Treasury Department.   So it's surprising that some people in Lansing want to push legislation that might make big changes in how property taxes are assessed, and nobody even asked him to weigh in.

Rep. Maturen did weigh in on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins.   He addresses the proposals about 8 minutes into the video.  House Bill 6049, written by the Michigan treasury department, with supposed reforms to the assessment process.  Maturen says a lot of people are concerned about a loss of local control and an increase in cost as assessing may shift more to counties instead of townships.  Maturen says the state should focus on a few areas that are having problems, instead of looking at revamping the whole system.

Maturen also talked about stalled efforts to act on Michigan auto insurance reform and a bill to streamline irrigation well approvals by the state.

He also explained his bill, recently signed into law, that would shield homeowners from paying Michigan's real estate transfer tax, if their home has lost value and is sold.


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