When you pay an employee a salary to show up and do a job, it's nice when they actually do!   Our paid employee, State. Representative Dave Maturen (R), Kalamazoo is one of those guys.   Maturen  was sworn in for his second term Jan. 11, the first day of session of the 99th Michigan Legislature. He had a perfect voting record during his first term, taking part in every one of the 1,261 votes during the 2015-16 session.

Maturen, who represents the eastern half of Kalamazoo County and southern portion of Calhoun County in Lansing, was a guest with Tim Collins Monday on WBCK's Richard Piet Show.

Here's what they talked about:

  • Reaction to the governor’s State of the State address.
  • Rep. Maturen’s priority for the next term to put a plan in place to address the unfunded health care and pension debt, which the governor also touched on in his address.
  • His take on Trump, the media and the outlook for change.

Maturen also had several bills signed into law, including three at the end of December.

  1. A bill to help grow the Children with Special Needs Fund
  2. A bill to help eliminate some professional restrictions for spouses of our military (PA 423 of 2016); and a bill to retain tax benefits for agricultural property (PA 375 of 2016)


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