A report has now been issued regarding the law enforcement response to the Kalamazoo Mass Shooting that took place last February.

The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety announced on their website that the Police Foundation conducted a critical incident review of the shootings that left 6 dead and 2 injured, and issued a report outlining improvements that could be made. The report identifies “key themes” that law enforcement leaders should focus on, with a major theme being interdepartmental cooperation.

For example, one recommendation made is that agencies in the Kalamazoo area plan on ways to coordinate with each other in the case of a large-scale incident like the one last year. The Police Foundation gives as an example that at the time authorities in the city of Portage operated on an independent radio system, which can “limit… officers’ situational awareness” during a mass shooting.

46-year-old Jason Dalton is awaiting trial on multiple murder counts in connection to the shootings that took place February 20, 2016 at three locations throughout Kalamazoo County. Dalton allegedly carried out the shooting in between

The KDPS says that this report can serve as a way to improve not just Kalamazoo’s readiness, but the readiness of communities around the country.

The Police Foundation is an independent organization that works to improve policing in America; they've previously done reports on the San Bernardino Terrorist Attack among other incidents.

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