The orange barrels have been sprinkled all over the Colon area since Memorial Day and it will continue with another project running until mid-September.

The Michigan Department of Transportation began their latest project on June 23rd with another repaving project that will cover just over 10 miles along two separate state highways. The first stretch will be a continuation of repaving along M-86 from downtown Colon westward to the connector at M-66, just east of Mendon and Nottawa.

M-66 will also see some renovation in the process, stretching from the M-86 connector north to M-60, two miles east of Mendon.

The total length of road that will be resurfaced is 10.6 miles. In total, 13 miles between the two construction projects will be improved. This portion of the project comes with a $1.2 million investment.

MDOT spokesman Nick Schirripa stated that this large repaving project will include milling and resurfacing the pavement, followed by chip and fog sealing and repainting the pavement. The new surface will improve safety while driving, extend the life of the road and improve ride quality.

During the construction, their will be single-lane closures to allow for the milling and repaving. Once the chip seal is laid, their will be speed-limit restrictions.

The estimated completion of the project is September 19, 2020.

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