State Senator Mike Nofs will be done serving in the State House at the end of the year.  He's served as many terms as Michigan law will allow.  Nofs was a guest on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins, and talked about efforts to change Michigan's Auto Insurance law to give relief to drivers who pay more than those of any other state.

In the interview, Nofs talks about how Michigan's catastrophic fund is financed, and also talked about a new Senate plan that will help senior citizens afford auto insurance.   Nofs says the bill doesn't address the entire problem, but may lead to some dialog and some action on further modifications to the law.

Nofs also weighed in on Michigan's No-Helmet law for motorcyclists, talking about his experience as a State Police Trooper and his Uncle's experience as an emergency room doctor.  Nofs does not support the law allowing riders to go helmet-less.

Nofs also said he's only endorsing one candidate in the upcoming August 7th primary.  He says he thinks voters should send 63rd State House Republican Dave Maturen back for he final 2-year term.

Of the two running for his 19th District Senate seat, Nofs says both Dr. John Bizon and Mike Callton are "good guys".

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