A committee in Calhoun County Government that works to meet the needs of area seniors is seeking a new member.

The Calhoun County Senior Millage Allocation Committee works to allocate Senior Millage funds to “enhance, promote, and ensure needed quality services are provided for Calhoun County seniors.” The responsibilities of the Committee member include working with the Office of Senior Services, assessing county-wide senior services needs as well as existing services, and collaborating with the Calhoun County Purchasing Department. Board members must have the ability to “dedicate substantial time” to SMAC activity, and have “varied talents, qualifications, and capabilities”. Members serve without pay.

In order to apply, go to CalhounCountyMI.gov and select “Apply for a Committee” under the Online Services window. You then need to select "Senior Millage Allocation Committee" from the drop-down box and fill out the forms requested.

The Calhoun County Senior Millage, first passed in 1996, provides around $2.6 million annually to fund 20 service programs.

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