I do try to find good news when I can, there is enough negative news out there that I have to cover.

Well this news comes from AAA and they state that Michiganders will experience the lowest holiday gas prices in 2 years.  You have to look at the good news no matter how big or small, right?

According to AAA of Michigan, gas prices across Michigan have dropped about 8 cents per gallon and recently have averaged $2.26 at the pump. That means we are paying 25 cents less than a month ago and 19 cents less than the last holiday season. What does that mean to you?  Well it means an extra $13 on average to full your tank with gas.  That means an extra $13 in your pocket, most likely every week the cost per gallon stays at this level.

Mark Jenkins, a spokesman for AAA said:

Holiday travelers will have more jingle in their pockets after they fill-up the family vehicle…Prices are already at two-year lows for the holidays and should slip even lower in the next two weeks

I can tell you that the price per barrel of oil just dipped below $50 yesterday which means lower prices will be coming.

According to gasprices.aaa.com the most expensive gas price averages in the state are in Marquette at $2.37 per gallon, Ann Arbor at $2.32 per gallon and metro Detroit at $2.28 per gallon.

The Michigan cities with the least expensive gas price averages are Flint at $2.17 per gallon, Jackson at $2.19 per gallon and Saginaw-Bay City-Midland at $2.19 per gallon.

I can tell you that I found the price per gallon in the Battle Creek and Portage area to be approximately $2.09 per gallon at some stations.

Happy and safe travels during this holiday season and spend those extra dollars in your pocket wisely on someone you love.

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