Do you need a little beach therapy? You can get it 24/7 with a live camera at South Beach on Lake Michigan.

You can't hear the sound of the waves but it is nonetheless soothing to see. Take a live look at South Haven's South Beach anytime. AllWebInfused is a technology provider and website development company that has teamed up with Pure Michigan to keep a live eye on the lakeshore.

You could use it in the Summer to see if there's room for your blanket on South Beach, or watch the big storms roll in during Spring and Fall. Think of it as a cousin to the Snowman Cam up in Gaylord. One tells you how much snow is falling, the other shows you how big the waves are.

AllWebInfused has a half-dozen live cameras in operation:

  1. South Haven, MI
  2. Dowagiac, MI
  3. Bangor, MI
  4. Pullman, MI
  5. Winona Lake, IN
  6. Elkhart, IN

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall you can live for the lake and check conditions at South Beach in South Haven.


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