"Mysterious and scary and utterly fascinating."

That's the answer to the question of why dinosaurs at Binder Park Zoo. The highly anticipated "Zoorassic Park" at Binder Park Zoo is ready to open. The long-awaited debut of Zoorassic Park is Thursday (September 23rd) at the zoo in Battle Creek.

Back to the fascination with the pre-historic predators; As the zoo says,

"some were tiny and some were enormous – they weighed anywhere from three grams up to 90 tons! They were most unusual too; some had horns, flaps, frills, crescents, beaks, and feathers. They flew in the air, roamed the land, and swam in the water. They lived everywhere on earth (including Michigan!) between 165 and 177 million years ago and they existed for a long time." - Binder Park Zoo

Work has been going on for a good part of this year and planning even longer than that. What you and your family will see is "a herd of colorful, life-size dinosaur replicas... Triceratops, spinosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, stegosaurus, along with other strange and fascinating species". The Zoo says hands-on things to do for your "paleontologists-in-training". The kids can dig for ancient fossils and velociraptor remains in several areas of Zoorassic Park. with other hands-on experiences being oversized puzzles (that reveal unusual facts about dinosaurs) and climbing on a prehistoric snake called Titanoboa.

Binder Park Zoo's hours are daily 10:00 am-4:00 pm through October 24. The regular admission gets you in free into Zoorassic Park.

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