Michigan is currently under a new set of executive orders which isn't a full lockdown like in the Spring, but it does keep the majority of people at home for the next few weeks. In response, people flocked to the stores and started hoarding products once again, but state officials along with Meijer are urging Michiganders not to do that.

The Director of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD), the CEO of Meijer, and CEO of the Michigan Retailer's Association released a joint statement on the matter.

Michigan has an ample supply of food products and other items. But, when shoppers panic buy products like toilet paper, paper towel and other items, it creates a ripple effect within the supply chain.

Shoppers should instead just buy what their household needs for the week. Doing this allows the stores to restock their shelves in a timely manner. Basically, sticking to your normal shopping habits and buying what you need keeps the supply chain moving properly. Panic buying doesn't help out your fiends, neighbor, and your fellow Michiganders.

No matter what happens during the pandemic, grocery stores and stores alike are going to remain open. It's encouraged you plan ahead in weekly increments.

If you are worried about shopping in person on a weekly basis, there are other options such as delivery and curbside pickup.

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Here's What We're Panic Buying During Quarantine

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