Stress goes through the rough around the holidays. Travel plans, gift buying and wrapping, family drama - it's all there. Tie in the financial burden the holidays can bring, especially if the holidays are simply unaffordable, and the stress only magnifies. And that doesn't even take into account seasonal depression.

It's a wonder we can get through this time of year at all. At least, usually, the stress becomes joy as the holidays unfold, which can certainly help.

Michiganders know stress all year long though, and a study from WalletHub says the state is more stressed than most in the country.

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According to WalletHub, Michigan is the 21st-most stressed state in the country. While that can sound low, the finer details show just how stressed out the state really is.

For starters, only 10 other states are more stressed about family-related issues, while health and safety concerns rank 18th overall.

Interestingly, financial stress isn't a huge problem in Michigan as a whole seeing as the cost of living is relatively low as is the price of an average home. However, people inside and outside of the Mitten State know that some parts of the state are alarmingly poor. Still, WalletHub ranked the financial stress of Michigan residents at 29th.

Michigan workers' comfort saved the state from landing in the top 15 most stressed. The state ranked 42nd overall for work-related stress.

Still, Michigan is one of the most stressed if you dive even deeper. A separate study from WalletHub named Detroit as the second-most stressed city in the entire country. Detroit is by far the largest city with almost 650K people and almost 4.5 million in the metro area.

Only Cleveland is more stressed, largely because few cities are less stressed about work and family than Detroit residents.

With such a large representation of the people being some of the most stressed out, Michigan might have more of a right to see itself as overstressed than the rankings in the first study seem to indicate.

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