The Duck Boat Parade -- the Patriots' fifth in the Tom Brady era -- is planned for 11am today (Tuesday) through downtown Boston to celebrate the Patriots' Super Bowl victory.

The Associate Press reports that the Patriots returned to New England on Monday night, bringing the Vince Lombardi Trophy home to show off for fans who filled the parking lots outside the team's stadium and lined up for hours.  They are the amphibious vehicles now synonymous with Boston sports championships since 2002.

So what’s a Duck boat?

According to Wikipedia: 

In 1994, a Boston company started tours, using replica World War II amphibious DUKW vehicles.  In 1997, they planned to use them for the Parade, but the Patriots lost the Superbowl.  But in 2002, they were first used for a sports parade in Boston, because they have the open deck in the back. Players could be seen by all the fans. It wasn’t closed in like a trolley car or bus.”

General Motors built the vehicles during World War II.

The name DUKW comes from GMC model nomenclature.

  • D, designed in 1942
  • U, utility
  • K, all-wheel drive
  • W, dual rear axles
Boston Red Sox Victory Parade
(Photo by Gail Oskin/Getty Images)

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