Dangerous Ice Jam Builds On The Kalamazoo River
The National Weather Service has a flood warning posted for the central portion of Kalamazoo County as a result. The river has already been high for the last few weeks, and then went much higher with the heavy rains from last weekend.
Battle Creek Boy Scout Troop Plants Tree For Arbor Day
The City of Battle Creek says that the event at McCamly Park will feature Galesburg's Troop #265 planting an October Glory maple tree, at the park right next to the Kool Family Community Center. It takes place at 6pm Friday, and will be attended by City Commissioner Sherry Sofia, city staff, an…
Galesburg Area Power Outage
Around 3,400 people are without power in Kalamazoo and Calhoun Counties Monday morning.

According to Consumer’s Energy’s Outage Map, residents in Galesburg, Climax and western Battle Creek lost power around 7am, with the cause unknown.

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