As kids many of us have dreams of packing into a stadium or speedway with thousands of other people to watch a demolition derby. Watching as cars, trucks, limos, buses, and any other vehicle known to man duke it out until there is only one remaining. The opportunity for those dreams just became accessible. There is a demolition derby, figure eight competition, and more coming to the Kalamazoo area very soon.

The Galesburg Speedway will be hosting a School Bus Figure Eight Event, Sunday May 8th starting at 6:30pm. Galesburg Speedway got some help from Kalamazoo Metal Recyclers and Draven Santora to make the event a possibility. There is a rumor that Draven Santora may be raffling off the opportunity of a lifetime at the event as well. Come to watch crazy figure eights and demolition and stay for an opportunity to win.

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I'm not even sure how you whip a bus around to do figure eights, but somehow it can be done. I doubt the turn radius is good enough for that, but if it can be done that is a sight to see. There will also be FWD figure eight, trailer races, FWD demolition derby, spectator drag races, and much more to keep the crowd entertained. There is an opportunity to ride the buses around the speedway and you're even allowed to bring a cooler as long as it is 14"x14" or smaller and does not take up bleacher space.

Now, the part everyone has been wondering, how big of a ticket is it to go to this event. Well, I have good news, this event is not a pocket breaker. Tickets will be available at the Galesburg Speedway ticket office starting the day of the event at 2pm. Adult tickets are $25, children ages 6-12 are $10, children under 5 are FREE, and pit passes are $30. The Grandstands open at 2pm for spectators to start taking their seats.

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