The “US” Women's National Soccer Team won a record-extending fourth World Cup Sunday beating Netherlands 2-0 in the championship game.

Problem, their team leader Megan Rapinoe has stated many times in public that she is not proud of the U.S.A or President Trump.

She is a self-described liberal activist and declared on June 25th of this year:

I’m not going to the f@#$ing White House

I cleaned up the language from this obviously classy woman, she actually spelled out the word in her tweet.

She went on to say that she doubted President Trump would actually invite the team.  Well for the moment she was wrong.  President Trump did invite the team to the White House, win or lose, she has stated that she and others, possibly the entire team, would not be going to the White House to honor them.

Ms. Rapinoe is a very staunch liberal activist, and has been a frequent critic of our president and the United States. She has repeatedly promoted anti-American sentiments, and even declared that she will likely never sing the national anthem again due to her distaste with the state of the country.  Really another spoiled athlete believing they are discriminated against and the country in which they make a pretty good living playing a game is somehow bad.

Does that sound like an all-American girl to you?

Ms. Rapinoe is a gay women and apparently is not happy that President Trump is a staunch advocate for the gay community.  The President has even gone so far as to ask the State Department to pressure other countries who allow gay people to be killed to change their laws and be more accepting.  President Trump has even stated that woman who play professional soccer she make has much money as the men do.  That is an issue Rapinoe has advocated for.

Can't these pampered athletes just play their sports, make a ton of money, and not involve politics in them?  We have enough coverage of politics, I deal with it everyday.  When I watch sports I do not watch them to have more politics thrown in my face I watch the sports to get away from politics and other issues in my life.

Is the United States women’s soccer team really Team USA or Team “Not” USA?

If you believe the question is out of bounce then explain why Women's "US" soccer team members Allie Long and Megan Rapinoe stepped on an American flag after Long dropped it on the ground as they posed for post-game photos yesterday.

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