Day after day, night after night, we sit though the news hoping for ANY story that is not about COVID-19.  Nope. None.  It’s understandable.   But frankly, with very little good news about COVID-1, it’s tough.  If we weren’t being gripped by a deadly world-wide pandemic, what would the news look like?   It’s hard to say.  But it did get us thinking about the big stories that we were wrapped up in just a short time ago. And it got us thinking about the things that our leaders were spending time and recourses on while a deadly pandemic was brewing.   There were probably more stories that seemed big at the time, but here are a few that came to mind.

  1. The Peloton Commercial.
  2. The Australian Fires.
  3. Harry and Meghan.
  4. The Super Bowl
  5. Baseball Scandals and the Lost Season.
  6. The Impeachment Trial.
  7. Impossible Burgers.
  8. The Iowa Caucus Debacle.
  9. 27 Democrats Seek the Presidency.
  10. The Deadly Vaping Problem.     READ ON.

Ten News Stories Before the Pandemic

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