Watch out 'Thin Mints', there is a new cookie in town

The Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan have just revealed a new cookie! This new flavor is only available in select markets and we are one of them! Get ready for a lemony zing! The new cookie is called Lemon-Ups and it is being refereed to as "zesty, refreshing taste of lemon in your Girl Scout Cookie"!

The really cool thing about these new cookies is that there have empowering messages printed on the cookies like..."I Am A Go Getter" or "I Am An Innovator". The statements on the sweet treats are a reflection of what the Girl Scouts stand for.

The Girl Scouts CEO Denise Dalrymple told the Detroit News in a press release, that "the start of Girl Scout Cookie Season is a great time to remember how Girl Scouting builds courageous and confident girls who make the world a better place." Which is the perfect reason for the positive sayings on the new cookie this season!

Cookie season starts in February, so get ready!

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