In case you didn't notice, the cookies are here......Girl Scout Cookies, that is.  The stash is reportedly under lock and key with several armed guards.   Ok, maybe not.   Denise Demarest, is a Girl Scout Leader in Harper Creek and also the Area Product Manager for Girl Scout Cookies, covering the Calhoun County Area.  That means Denise gets the semi’s of cookies and distributes them to over 400 girls in our area from the Fort Knox of Girl Scout cookies, Happy House Gift Shop.  Demarest manages Happy House Gift Shop.    Last year, she says she distributed over 68,800, yes sixty eight thousand, boxes of cookies!

More than two thousand of those were sold by one girl scout, Emily Miller, a Lakeview school student.   Emily and Denise were guests on the 96.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins, and brought several boxes of cookies for the radio staff.  Emily says she mobilizes the family to help out, and get order forms out there.

Last year, area troops were able to take trips to Washington, D.C. and also Mackinac Island and the U.P. as a result of cookie sales.



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