We’re in a war with COVID-19.  Not just the virus.  There’s a political war and an information war.  Ordinary citizens, angry and scared out of their wits, are turning on each other.  The media and politicians, never ones to let a good crisis go to waste, seem to be lapping it up, using it to get ratings and voters.

In other wars, we’ve determined that lives will be lost and weighed that against the alternative of not going to war.   During WWII most Americans were willing to make sacrifices, many giving their lives, to make the world safe from evil.  The world could see what Hitler had done, and what he stood for.  It was clear.  Not much is clear in this one.

And, there aren’t many of those WWII veterans left.  Those still around have got to be wondering what we’ve become, as we’re ready to hide out in our homes while it all goes down the drain.   Our jobs, our homes, our rights.   What did they risk their lives for?

One problem, as I see it, is that our enemy isn’t clearly defined.  Every day, we get information that seems to contradict what we were told previously.  This past week, it came out that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have updated their guidance to note that the coronavirus "does not spread easily" from touching surfaces or objects.  What?

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer continues to say that her actions will be directed by “science.”   One of the problems there, is that we don’t trust “the science”.   Let’s face it, medical science “ain’t rocket science”.  I wish it were.   When it comes to math and physics, our scientists are light years ahead of our medical scientists.

When it comes to electric circuits in computers, we know a lot.  When it comes to the human brain, we still know very little.  Each year, medical scientists guess what bugs we might face in the coming year and make a vaccine for it.  We have no idea if it’ll do any good, but its sure big business for the manufacturers.   How come they didn’t see this one coming?   Before COVID-19, it was a bad year for the flu.  They didn’t see that one coming either.   Let's not blame our medical professionals.  They are heroically doing their best with the information and equipment they have.

Not only do we not trust the science, but we don’t trust the statistics we get.   We constantly hear reports of inflated COVID-19 deaths.  One person committed suicide, and was found to carry the virus, and was added to the COVID-19 death total.

So, we don’t trust the media, we don’t trust our political leaders, and we don’t trust medical science.  Is it any wonder that so many Americans feel that the remedy offered might be worse than the disease?   It’s time to find some middle ground in how we fight COVID-19, as many states are now doing..


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