On my radio show, I always attempt to give examples of the reasons that help form my opinions about the issues I talk about and the opinions I give about those issues.  When I first broke into talk radio a little over a decade ago I was most surprised about two things.

The first being how dirty and dishonest politics can be and is with many of the politicians and the people involved in politics, not all but many.  Many know the old saying that politics is a dirty business.  I can tell you that whatever amount of dirtiness you attribute to politics it is 100 times worse than you think.

The second and most concerning is how bad our local and national news media is. I prep for my show almost every day of my life since breaking into the business of talk radio.  Because of that, I consume a lot of news from all different sources and I end up knowing the real story with the real facts and context.  I see and hear with my own two eyes and ears how they cover one political idealogy compared to another.  It truly is like night and day, one party they consistently hide stories that would damage their brand in effect protecting those politicians.  The other party they take almost every bit of news out of context and highlight those pieces of news in the worse way possible and on an endless loop. I was amazed at how bad our news media is from bias agenda-driven reporting to outright lies like the example I am going to give you in this piece.  I know many believe that saying our news media is dishonest, agenda-driven, and actually do makeup (fake) stories and report them as true is cliche.

Well here is a perfect example of absolutely fake news presented by what use to be called the “Old Grey Lady” of the news the New York Times.

The New York Times reported last Saturday that a number of high-profile Republicans do not plan on supporting President Trump reelection. By the way, do you find it interesting or was it just a coincidence that there was a number of “Republicans” that all came out on the same weekend with their pieces already written to say they were not going to vote for President Trump, sounds like a coordinated attack orchestrated by who, you decide.  Back to the issue at hand, included in that list was former President George W. Bush.

Reported in the Texas Tribune Bush’s spokesman Freddy Ford stated:

This is completely made up...He is retired from presidential politics and has not indicated how he will vote.

I repeat what the New York Times wrote about former President George W. Bush was “completely made up”?

How could anyone ever read any piece from the New York Times and believe it?  This example is only one of hundreds if not thousands of examples from most newspapers and Television news both locally and nationally that shows their bias and at times fake news.  I do want to say that the local news is nowhere close to how bad that national news is but it does linger in those newsrooms.  Remember the people in these newsrooms that are more than likely behind the scene determine what news you hear or read and decide how to present it to you.

Until we have a real news media we will not be able to solve many of the problems that face all of us Americans no matter what side of the political aisle you are on.

That is why I believe most of the news media, particularly the national news media are the enemy of the people of the United States.

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