Drivers in Michigan should be aware of a massive recall that will impact thousands of drivers across the state. With the autoworkers strike still impacting manufacturers, it's a tough time to have a recall on one of the most popular models on the road.

Even worse, it's a big impact on Michigan's most prominent automotive manufacturer, Ford. The Ford Explorer is a popular family vehicle across the country, and no doubt here in Michigan as well. They're fairly reliable vehicles, my family drove several models of Explorers when I was growing up. However, this recall makes the vehicle anything but reliable.

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According to Consumer Reports, 238,000 Ford Explorers are impacted by the recall as models from 2020 through 2022 are likely to possess the defect. The recall is linked to a faulty part that can cause the driveshaft to disconnect. If the driveshaft disconnects while the car is parked without the parking brake applied, the vehicle can roll away. If it were to instead happen while the vehicle is being driven, the SUV could suddenly lose power.

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Nearly 400 reports surrounding the faulty part, a rear axle bolt, and an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration led to the recall. Ford did try to address the problem last year with a software update that would engage the parking brake when the car was shifted into park, but that of course didn't solve the entire problem.

You can check the NHTSA's website to see if your Explorer or another vehicle has an open recall. It's always a good idea to check even if you don't drive the popular SUV while it's top of mind. If your Explorer does have a recall, you can call Ford at 866-436-7332 or contact your local dealership to have your vehicle repaired. Ford dealerships will replace the rear axle bolt and subframe brushing free of charge and also inspect the rear axle cover and replace it if it is damaged.

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