recently compiled the cars whose owners are most likely to receive a speeding ticket. In some cases, the results are pretty strange. Like the Suzuki Reno, a four-door economy car which, apparently, is the 13th most likely to entice its drivers to speed and get a ticket.

The Suzuki isn't even the strangest entry on the list, though.

According to results (and a story from CNN you can see here:, a car that hasn't been made since 1994 is among the top ten: The Mercury Topaz! Strange, I know. The Topaz wasn't even known as a fast car. In fact, it was a slightly fancier twin of the mid-sized Ford Tempo.

According to the insurance website, Topaz owners reported receiving speeding tickets 28.8% of the time, ranking the Topaz 7th on the list of the top 20 cars that attract tickets. Weird, considering that back in the day the Topaz and its Ford cousin the Tempo weren't known for moving out of their own way with an excess of zeal.

Number one on the list? The Subaru WRX. Now that makes more sense.