Anyone trying to get a message across is always told to be as concise as possible by using as few words as possible.  There is so much chatter, audio, video and TV coverage of politicians, especially those who are running for President, the shorter the message the better.

Well, I just saw an article published in the Daily Caller with a great picture of a tour bus with a slogan that says it all:

‘Socialism Takes, Capitalism Creates

via Job Creators Network
via Job Creators Network

You cannot make it more concise than four easy words to understand, can you?

The Tour Bus also stated the following true facts:

Did you know: 700 million people have been lifted out of poverty since 2001 because of capitalism

This great slogan on the side of the Tour Bus is brought to us via the Job Creators Network. The Job Creators Network is a:

nonpartisan organization founded by entrepreneurs like The Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus who believe that many government policies are getting in the way of the economic freedom that helped make this country prosperous…Job Creators Network believes the best defense against bad government policy is a well-educated public and accomplishes this through employee education.

On their website they say their mission is a:

to educate employees of Main Street America, so we can protect the 85 million people who depend on the success of small businesses.

They have a section on the website that gives us facts about small businesses such as:

  • There are 30 million small business owners in America and they employ 59 million people—meaning 90 million Americans depend on small business.

  • Over 8 million small businesses are minority owned.

  • About 10 million small businesses are owned by women.

  • About 1/5 of small businesses are family owned and operated.

  • Small business owners are responsible for 2/3rds of new jobs.

  • About 95% of small businesses in America are pass throughs—meaning their owners pay personal income taxes on the profits of their business.

  • According to a recent JCN national poll of small business owners, the number one policy concern is high taxes.

  • According to that same poll most small business owners would reinvest any tax cut savings back into their businesses in the form of wage hikes, new hiring, and expansion, showing that tax cuts would help boost the economy.

The Job Creators Network CCO Elaine Parker told The Daily Caller:

If you work hard, if you have an idea, or an entrepreneurial spirit, you can get ahead...Those kinds of opportunities do not exist in a lot of other countries…No other country in this world can you come from nothing, and become anything you want.

In the article Ms. Parker went on to say:

Across the board, small businesses owners and everyday Americans are benefiting tremendously from this economy. It’s kinda like bizarro world to listen to some of the Democratic candidates talk about an economy that’s not working, and then to see the economic numbers come out – just flies in the face of reality.

Ms. Parker with all of the crazy chatter out there by the Democrat politicians and their, either bosses or minions I have not figured that out yet, partners in the mainstream manipulative news (MSMN) there it certainly seems like it is “kinda like bizarro world” out there.

Hopefully, the American people will silence most of that “bizarro” world this fall by rejecting their message of insanity and hate.

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