A 17-year-old Union City student was formally charged with making a bomb threat after an arrest Tuesday.

The Daily Reporter in Coldwater reported that Branch County authorities arrested Michael Miller of Sherwood Tuesday shortly after school after administrators were alerted of the threat by another student. The witness told administrators that Miller and a 16-year-old student told them “not to go to school tomorrow. We’re going to blow it up.”

Union City Police talked with Miller and the other teen, who admitted that they were upset about being suspended from school.

Miller was charged Wednesday for a false report of an explosive device and is being held without bond after violating terms from two domestic violence charges April 15th after an incident with his mother and a 15-year-old at their Sherwood home. He pleaded guilty to the charges and will be sentenced in June.

The younger teen faces a similar false bomb threat charge in juvenile court.

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