I have been saying for years I do not understand how the Democrat party and some Republicans believe that allowing more Guest Workers on H-1B and H-2B worker visas, will not hurt Americans looking for jobs.

Now according to an article in The Washington Times Unions are finally agreeing with me.

A group of trade unions are upset with Maryland Democrat Senator Barbara A. Mikulski for supporting increasing the number of H-1B and H-2B worker visas which they believe will “drive down wages and take jobs from Americans”.

Again I have been saying that for years and cannot understand why all of a sudden unions have finally figured that out.  It does not take a genius to know that when you increase the number of people looking for a job the wages will go down and in the case of these visas Americans will not get some of the jobs.

Union officials said anyone who supports the increases have betrayed their union allies and working-class Americans, and I agree with them.

Yes you just read that I am agreeing with Unions.  When they are right they are right.

In a letter to Senator Mikulski the group of unions wrote the following:

“To be blunt, Senator, your actions will induce a race to the bottom on wages and benefits for U.S. workers in impacted industries, including building and construction, and will directly and negatively affect our collective membership.”

The letter went on to say:

“We suppose you would like to look the men and women of our unions in the eye, as well as the eyes of non-union construction workers, and tell them that you believe that they no longer need prevailing wage protections, and that they and their responsible employers should compete against ‘low-road’ construction contractors who can assemble a low-wage and easily exploitable and expendable workforce, with no formal assessment, because that is what you have accomplished.”

Is it not logical to agree with them?

I understand people outside of the U.S. want to come to this great country to work but is it wrong to be more concerned about American citizens who need jobs before we worry about the rest of the world?

If there are areas that need these guest workers we can discuss the issue but it is time that we are first concerned about Americans.

What are your thoughts?

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