A Vicksburg man, hilariously, is turning pictures of local wildlife into Olan Mills style portraits.

If you grew up in the 90's or earlier there's a good chance that buried somewhere in your attic is at least one, awkward family portrait. As an example, I'm willingly showing you my very own portrait....

The big hair, the feather boa...it's like a train wreck from my past that I can't look away from.

Olan Mills, if you're unfamiliar, was a photography company that specialized in family portraits. They were in business from 1932 until around 2012. You may have also seen photos of a similar nature on Awkwardfamilyphotos.com.

I don't know what inspired him, but a man in Vicksburg is now making these Olan Mills style portraits out of photos of wildlife from his local park. And I hope he never stops.

Posted in the Facebook group, Vicksburg Michigan: Around the Village, Sam Morrison recently posted a photo of a squirrel with the caption,

I take a lot of photos around Sunset Lake Park. As a result I have quite a few photos of the neighborhood squirrel. So I thought it would be fun to create its portrait in the Olan Mills style.

Take a look...

Via Sam Morrison/Facebook Group Vicksburg Michigan: Around the Village

When I tell you I am CRYING. How he managed to capture this photo of a squirrel perfectly posed with what looks like a partial nut of some kind in his mouth...I don't know. But, I applaud him for seeing an opportunity and taking it. It doesn't stop here, though.

His latest subject for a new portrait...a local woodchuck.

Via Sam Morrison/Facebook Group Vicksburg Michigan: Around the Village

Woodchucks always look like you've caught them in the most compromising situation and yet, in this style of photography, this woodchuck almost looks majestic. Almost.

Sam Morrison, if you're reading this, thank you. I needed a laugh today.

I have no idea if there will be any more additions to this odd, yet entertaining series of photos. If you'd like to follow along the Facebook group, Vicksburg Michigan: Around the Village is, currently, a public group. You can find it here.

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