Appetizers have become one of the most versatile foods we have to offer, from eating one as a snack, prepping for a meal, or even just making a meal out of appetizers, people love all different kinds of shareable items. Boneless wings, onion rings, chips and dip, and mozzarella sticks are a few of the favorites, but one appetizer has been gaining a lot of traction recently.

Pretzel bites have made their way onto basically everyone's menu, and for some, it's the basis of their entire menu. Pretzel bites have become a common shareable for people all over the country, which can be prepared and eaten in many different ways. They have plain, cinnamon-covered, salt, beer battered, and more for types and they come with mustard, icing, cheese, plain, or anything else you want to eat your pretzels with.

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As pretzel bites continue to get praise across the country, we have been posed with answering who has the best pretzel bites in Kalamazoo. I put out some polls and questions on my personal social media asking for recommendations on where to get pretzel bites. I was given quite a few answers, some that I was expecting and others that made me go "Really? They have pretzel bites and they're good!?"

Popping Pretzels

I was overwhelmed with the number of people who responded with the same couple of restaurants. To no surprise, well at least to myself, the actual pretzel shops were the most common answers. Wetzel's Pretzels were given some love, many said that their salt pretzels with cheese were good. The answer that was given the most was Auntie Anne's. I got answers such as

"Anne", "Auntie Anne's", and Nick Rizzo said "Auntie Anne’s and I ain’t even gotta be in Kalamazoo to know that"


Pass The Pretzels

There were some places that showed up that I either personally haven't had a chance to try their pretzel bites, had no clue they had pretzel bites, or simply just didn't believe they would make the list. Dee Smith commented " Main St Pub", while Taty Scott said "Culvers", which are both two places that I haven't had pretzel bites from but expect them to be good as well. Then LadyDee Patterson commented

"Nobody in Kalamazoo go to Vicksburg at The Hideaway they got the best pretzel bites"

She flat out said get out of Kalamazoo and get some real pretzel bites. I have some new places to go try, what do you think? Where do you go when you want pretzel bites? Something has to be better than Auntie Anne's right?

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