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Glenn Haege, host of the “Handyman” show on WBCK has passed away.   Haege died Monday at the age of 70 after a short battle with cancer.

Haege, a Detroit radio icon, was on the air for 34 years, wrote a column in the Detroit News for more than two decades.  It is estimated that he answered more than 85,000 home improvement questions during his time on the air.  He also wrote 11 books on the subject.  Haege was inducted into the Michigan Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2011.

WBCK received notice last week that the radio show would be ending after 33 years, due to Haege’s health.   The Warren, Michigan native was syndicated nation-wide on 135 radio stations, but sounded like a local host, as he provided clear and concise home improvement advice, and even told callers where they could get materials locally.

"Glenn Haege was one of the best broadcasters I’ve ever heard, and WBCK and the people of Battle Creek have been very lucky to have heard him on the local the airwaves", said Tim Collins, WBCK Brand Manager.  "He was always friendly and informative, clear, concise, consistent, and patient.   And he was always thinking of the listener, the station and its clients, and those in the industry that deserve our recognition and hard-earned dollars.   The show always sounded local, and definitely “Michigan-centered.  I will personally miss the show a lot, and I know many Battle Creek listeners will too."

Haege told his producer that he liked being on WBCK, because he had family living in Galesburg, and they were able to hear the show.

“Glenn was a consummate radio professional who really cared a great deal about his audience,” said Rob David, the executive producer of Haege’s radio show, in a press release. “He had a special way of treating every caller with respect. Each caller was made to feel that their question was the most important one and that Glenn was answering it for the first time.”

Before taking the title of America’s Master Handyman, Haege, who attended Northern Michigan University, worked at Sherwin-Williams and Aco Hardware, now Great Lakes Ace Hardware. He eventually transitioned into radio.

Glenn Haege is survived by his mother, Marion; sister, Sharon; brother, Robert; wife, Barbara; their children Eric and Heather; and six grandchildren.

WBCK aired The Handyman Show with Glenn Haege live on Saturday morning from 11am to noon, and aired a second hour each week on Sunday at 5pm.   The radio station will continue to air recorded “Best of” shows until a replacement show is named.

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