Have you ever learned or wondered if there is a city out there that shares your first or last name (or both)? Maybe it's our inflated egos, but we decided to look up cities that are "named after" 95.3 WBCK's radio personalities.

After you learn a little but about us here and also some cities you may have never heard of, go to Google Maps, type in your name, and find out what cities are named after you.

Tim Collins - Collins, MS (TSM/Google Images)

It took awhile for Tim to get this city to take his name. Collins was originally incorporated as Williamsburg Depot in Mississippi's Covington County in 1899. The sawmills moved there in order to be closer to the railroad and grew to a town of 6,000 - 7,000 people. Eventually, the difficulties of having such a long town name, Williamsburg Depot, became clear. The length caused many people to write it over their stamps, voiding the postage. Like our Tim would do, the problem was solved boldly and quickly. The postmaster asked to have the town name changed in 1905, and the postal service came up with a short and easy name "Bad". For reasons that may be clear, the residents rejected this name, and eventually came up with Collins.

Tim Collins has been at WBCK since 1988 and is the the host of the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show weekdays from 6 am to 9 am. He is also the station's Brand Manager as well as the Operations Manager for two of Townsquare Media's Southwest Michigan radio stations (95.3 WBCK and 104.9 The Edge).  

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BTL NexGen

Leave it to Nico to have an extensive and complex history for the city he is named after. Nicopolis (or Actia Nicopolis) was founded in 29 BC by Caesar Augustus and was the capital city of the Roman Province of Epirus Vetus. In 1798, French Revolutionary troops stationed by Napoleon dug into the graves and ruins of ancient Nicopolis and looted various treasures. Various battles have been fought in this area. The latest was in 1912 when it was captured by the Greek army during the First Balkan War that was named "Battle of Nicopolis".

Nico has been at WBCK since 2012 and is the News Director and Co-host on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show. He also is the host of the Saturday Morning Show. He enjoys keeping up with current events and one of his hobbies is making music. 

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Brandon James - Brandon, United Kingdom (Google Images/TSM)

If you like guns, you can thank Brandon. Sort of. In prehistoric times, the area where Brandon is presently located was mined for flint, and then more recently, gunflint or flintlock. By the year 1086, the manor of Brandon had 25 households. In medieval times and beyond Brandon was renowned for its rabbit fur. In 1789, the town suffered a Great Fire. Brandon's population has steadily increased since World War II due to immigration.

Brandon has been with WBCK since 2017, but also was here twice previously from 2002 to 2004 and 2009 to 2013 as a news reporter and producer. Currently he manages the 95.3 WBCK website and Facebook page as the Digital Managing Editor and is also a News Reporter.

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Renk - Renkum, Netherlands (Google Images/TSM)

Renkum is not a cereal company that shortened its name like Postum. It is a village in a municipality of the Netherlands also named Renkum. In the early days, the name of the village was written as Redinchem. In the 19th century, Renkum developed with eventually six paper mills, three water-cornmills and one water-oil mill. There were two factories (one was far to the right and one was far to the left). A battle took place there during World War II.  

After several other jobs and moves over the years, Renk fulfilled a life-long dream of working as a Talk Radio Host when he joined 95.3 WBCK in 2009. He hosts a Michigan and local oriented political talk show from 9 am to 12 pm weekdays. His show became syndicated on 1360 WKMI in Kalamazoo in 2011.  

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Adams, Wisconsin - Nate Adams (Google Images/TSM)

Adams is a town in Adams County, Wisconsin. This makes sense, since Nate is a big Badgers fan. The city of Adams is also located in the town and a ghost town called Adams Center was also located in the town. The name Adams is everywhere there much like Nate is at the radio station. Adams shares a common border with the Village of Friendship, leading to the common use of the name Adams-Friendship in the news as the name of the city's school district Adams Friendship Area School District.

Nate is the Production Manager for Townsquare Media and works with the clients and sales associates to create the commercials you hear on WBCK and see on our website. He also keeps our sports news and schedules updated and announces our high school football and basketball games.

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Lacy Lakeview, Texas - Lacy James (Google Images/TSM)

Lacy Lakeview began as just Lacy in the 1880's, before nearby Lakeview was formed. Lacy and Lakeview were stations on the Texas Electric Railway, also known as the Interurban which ran between Dallas and Waco. Neither town grew quickly (unlike our Lacy who grows on you very quickly with her charm and wit). By the 1940s, the combined population of the two communities was barely 120 with only four businesses. In 1953, the two communities formed a common city government. Thereafter, the population of the new combined community quickly grew to over 2,000 residents by the early 1960s.

Lacy is the one who greets you when you come to our studios, but she also keeps the whole place organized. She coordinates with sales associates across the Townsquare Media Southwest Michigan radio group. Lacy also organizes material for the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show and also writes articles for the website along with gathering and reporting news. 

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Carpentersville, Illinois - Brad Carpenter (Google Images/TSM)

Carpentersville's first store, bridge, and factory were built in the early 1800s. For the next hundred years, the town did not grow as rapidly as other communities which had more direct rail connections to Chicago. The electric interurban railroad came to Carpentersville finally in 1896. The line started to fail with the onset of the Great Depression and the establishment and paving of Illinois Route 31, which encouraged automobile use and the creation of a bus route. The final blow came in 1933, when a tornado destroyed the bridge over the Fox River just south of West Dundee. Our Brad is known to be a bit of a whirlwind too...

Brad keeps our news up-to-date in the evening and weekends and also makes sure our sports programs operate properly. He also takes care of our engineering data that we receive from the transmitters for 95.3 WBCK and 104.9 The Edge. He also has a great companion named Dave (the dog) who we are always excited to see.

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Alex, Okalhoma - Alex Maddix (Google Images/TSM)

Alex is a small town in Grady County, Oklahoma south of Oklahoma City. Locally, it is pronounced Elik, because Alex is smart and likes to trick people. The town was almost destroyed in July 1906 when a tornado hit the town. The business district was mostly rebuilt a year later, with a drug store, a variety store and three general stores. The Alex Tribune newspaper was first published in 1907 and continued in business until the 1940s. 

Alex keeps our news up-to-date in the evenings and also makes sure our sports programs operate properly. 

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