Recently, we told you about the closing of Macy’s at Lakeview Square Mall.  What are the top 5 places you miss at the mall?

Tim Collins, WBCK Photo

Macy’s was one of three “anchor” stores at our mall, along with Pennies and Sears.   The news has a lot of people talking about the future of those other stores and about Lakeview Square Mall.




Five Places I miss at Lakeview Square Mall

  1. Spencer’s Gifts
  2. Picnic Food Court
  3. Radio Shack
  4. Record Store’s Camelot Records; Recordtown
  5. Macy’s/Marshall Fields/Hudson’s

I’ve run into a lot of people in the last couple of weeks who have added to the list.  Here are some of them:

  • Alladin Games Arcade
  • Babbage’s and Game Stop
  • Chi Chi’s
  • Hot Sam’s (pretzels)
  • Walden Books and Tom Sawyers Book Raft; B Dalton Books
  • KB Toys
  • Hickory Farms Store
  • Foot Locker
  • Wicks and Sticks
  • Gap
  • GNC
  • Claire’s Boutique
  • Things Remembered