Again we find the partisan news media attempting to sell you fake news.  I have been saying for years that you cannot trust polls unless you know the exact question which was asked and the answers you are given.  Also a big criteria for trusting a poll is who the pollsters sampled in their poll.

The question in context, the answers you are given to choose from and especially the percentage of people reflecting their political affiliation sampled in the poll are the true criteria before you can even think about trusting a poll.

That goes for everyone.

It appears that CNN and ABC have once again polled people to not really find the pulse of Americans on an issue but to push their agenda.  That agenda being destroy President-Elect and soon to be President Trump.

You all may have heard the new one, that being that President-Elect Donald Trump has the worst favorability rate of any incoming President since the polls have been taken.

Let us put aside the news consistent negative attacks on President-Elect Donald Trump and look at one of the big three criteria I spoke about above and that is the sample they choose to account for in their poll results.

Gallup polls tells us that the percentage of Americans who identify themselves as Republican totals 28%, the percentage of Americans who identify themselves as Democrats totals 25% and the percentage of Americans who identify themselves as independents totals 44%.

In asking about President-Elect Donald Trump’s favorability or unaffordability CNN’s poll choose to include in their sample 32% Democrats, 24% Republicans and the remaining 44% claimed to be “independents or members of another party”.

That my friends is an 11% (8% difference in the poll and 3% difference between party affiliations according to Gallup) difference between Republicans and Democrats.  Sounds fair to me, what about you?

The same is true for the ABC News/Washington Post favorability poll.  ABC News/WAPO included 23% who identified as Republican, 31% who identified as Democrats and 37% who as independent, while nine% did not answer.  That once again is an 11% difference between Republicans and Democrats using my formula above.

CNN, ABC news and the Washington Post is once again proving to everyone that they are not a real “news” organization that attempts to deliver the unbiased news to you.  They simply are a propaganda, agenda organizations.

Now you know as one famous Democrat Newsmen used to say “that’s the way it is”.

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