We keep hearing from Biden and his campaign that President Trump does not have a plan to address the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

President Trump and VP Mike Pence’s White House Coronavirus Task Force has informed us that they had mobilized American industry and the military to create and distribute:

  • Over 267 million face coverings
  • 82 million gloves
  • 42 million surgical masks
  • 100 million N95 respirators.

Along with the face coverings. gloves, surgical masks and N95 respirators President Trump directed trillions of dollars in relief aid to stabilize our economy. So far, over 119 millionaires coronavirus tests have been completed in the United States.

Even though all of that has been documented Joe Biden and his campaign keeps repeating that the President has not done a good job and he did not listen to the scientist on his team. Well, let us find out what Dr. Fauci's thoughts are about President Trump’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The below links will take you to a thread of audio clips.  In that thread, you will find the audio that supports the statements.

March 12, Dr. Fauci commended the travel restrictions with China and Europe saying they, “absolutely” helped and were “the right public health call.” (Reminder Joe Biden was not only opposed to this he called it xenophobic)

March 15: Dr. Anthony Fauci: The Trump administration has a “very positive” “multifaceted” response to coronavirus.

March 15: Dr. Anthony Fauci: “Yes, absolutely” the federal government is doing everything needed to contain COVID-19.

March 17: Dr. Anthony Fauci: “impressed” by the Trump administration’s “comprehensive” mobilization to combat the coronavirus.

March 20: Dr. Anthony Fauci: the US stopping travel “very early” from China “has gone a long way” in the fight against coronavirus.

March 22: Dr. Anthony Fauci: the Trump administration’s coordinated response has been “impressive…all hands on deck” 24/7.

March 24: Dr. Anthony Fauci sets the record straight: “there are not differences, the president has listened to what I have said.”

April 2: Dr. Anthony Fauci: President Trump “always understood the seriousness” of the coronavirus “from the beginning.”

April 13: Dr. Anthony Fauci corrects media spin: President Trump followed health recommendations every time they were made.

May 12: Dr. Anthony Fauci: Trump administration directed accelerated coronavirus response “right from the very beginning.”

And “Yes I do:” Dr. Anthony Fauci agrees President Trump’s coronavirus response saved lives.

Not only did Dr. Fauci say President Trump told the public “the reality of what was going on,” Fauci said, “I didn’t get any sense that he was distorting anything.”

Does that prove that Biden, his campaign and the Democrat’s are just not telling anyone the truth?  It does to me and there are countless lies I could document but I don't have the months to do so.

Kamala Harris states: "You respect the American people when you tell them the truth".  Apparently, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden do not "respect the American people", now that is sad.

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