The latest wave of COVID-19 has hit Michigan harder than other almost every other state and it is starting to put a strain on the hospital systems.

It's being reported that more than 80% of inpatient hospital beds as well as 84% of all intensive care unit beds across the state are full. West Michigan has been hit particularly hard and some hospitals are starting to even turn patients away.

Spectrum Health has reported that they have been turning away transfer patients from other hospitals in the region because they just don't have the room to properly care for them. Normally, the hospital says that it facilitates around 50 transfer patients each day to its hospitals, but because of the COVID-19 surge in the region, beds just aren't available. The Spectrum Health system has reached a record number of patients in its hospitals throughout the region.

Mercy Health in Muskegon has also reported record breaking patient numbers in recent days, putting a massive strain on the health care system. As of November 29th, the hospital reported that it is at 105% capacity with 72 of its 246 beds being occupied by COVID patients.

According to state data, our region (Region 6) has 2800 occupied hospital beds out of a total of 3193.

Health care systems across the state are also no bracing themselves for yet another surge during the holidays which will put additional strain on hospitals.

The best way you can help these hospitals is by getting vaccinated or getting your booster shot, wearing masks indoors, social distancing, washing your hands, and avoiding travel and get togethers if you are unvaccinated this holiday season.

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