Last Sunday Governor Whitmer was being interviewed on WDIV and was asked if she would consider a Cabinet role in a Biden administration.  I think that is a rather interesting question since he has not been certified as President-Elect by even one state. The media cannot determine who the President-Elect is, the states must certify the votes.

Back to the situation at hand; when Whitmer was asked if she would consider a Cabinet role if there ever will be a Biden Administration she responded in the following manner:

“I have been very clear all along that I have no intention on leaving...I love being the Governor of Michigan. I feel grateful to be here, and I have a lot of work to do. I think I can be a great partner to a Biden-Harris administration from right here at home, and I know they’re going to be a great partner to Michigan.”

So if asked to leave the state of Michigan her answer is no.  Do you really believe she would not take a Cabinet position if a Biden Administration ever happens?  If you believe that I can only assume you believe that the vote was not rigged.

The question I have is why Governor Whitmer had to threaten the residents of Michigan by informing us she will not leave the state if asked to fill a Cabinet position.

Now for all of you who are upset at the headline and my thought of her threat of staying in Michigan, lighten up and smile once in a while.   Not everything has to be taken seriously.

The question really is; am I joking or not, well that is up to you to decide.

Have a great day and smile you are alive and live in the greatest country in the world.  At least for now.

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