Amazon wants to open a second HQ in North America. We think it should be Kalamazoo and here's why. The announcement on September 11th that they want to build a second HQ to equal the one in Seattle, Washington. This would bring approximately 50,000 jobs to the area.

So why Kalamazoo? We have a very diverse population with all cultures, races, and ethnicities represented in our community.

Kalamazoo is at a major crossroads with both I-94 and US-131 passing through the region.

Kalamazoo is centrally located between Detroit and Chicago which provides easy access to two major cities.

Speaking of Major cities, we also have Battle Creek and Grand Rapids close by that could add to the workforce. Also, Kellogg's announcement of cutting their workforce will deal a blow to the economy, Amazon could help with the layoffs.

Finally, it's Kalamazoo! Just think back on all the innovations that have come from Kalamazoo, including the longest lived independent auto manufacturer, Checker Motors.

What are your thoughts?

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