Will new technologies like Siri and Alexa replace you in your job?  Not likely any time soon, say Ben Jones and Jim Dolson, of US Staffing in Battle Creek.

Ben and Jim were recent guest on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins.  They talked about failings of  artificial intelligence and facial recognition in some of our new gadgets.

  • A mere week after the release of the new iPhone 10, hackers beat the facial recognition ID lock. Using a mask built with a cheap 3D printer, these hackers built a 3D version of someone’s face and unlocked the phone. Not so smart.
  • An owner asked Alexa to “turn on family room lights.” Instead, Alexa responded with “Okay, playing Livin' on a Prayer the lullaby version”

According to Harvard Business Review, things like communication and content are two areas that good ol' humans have a big advantage in the workplace.  For more info, watch the video.

Ben and Jim say you may contact US Staffing in Battle Creek three ways:


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Our phone number is (269) 589-6507.

And we don’t use automated bots, we use the good folks right here in Battle Creek to answer phones and connect people to great jobs.


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