Why is there a "Wisconsin Cheese Castle" in Michigan? Not sure... maybe that's why it's for sale?

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Regardless, $125K is a deal for just about anything in this market!

And it DOES have a drive-thru... maybe you could create your own knock-off "White Castle" fast food joint? Call it "Blue Castle" or something? On second thought... you might get sued for that. But hey, the building is cool and I'm sure you could figure out SOMETHING to do with it... Maybe even convert it to a residence? It's actually not far from a lake. Who wouldn't want to live in a castle on a lake?

Sounds like the previous owners sold cheese, coffee, and wine from the unique castle. According to Only in Your State, The Wisconsin Cheese Castle opened in Michigan Center in 2014, about an hour from Detroit, and sold more than 100 varieties of cheese.

And now the Wisconsin Cheese Castle could be yours for just $125,000! According to the listing, the retail/ commercial space is 1,329 square feet and sits on .34 acres.

Now, the listing says it was built in 1977... BUT I found a 2016 article from MLive that says the castle is WAY older:

A Spanish immigrant originally constructed the castle in 1927 for his wife and daughter, who were beauticians at the time, according to co-owner Barbara Zemer. The building has had a wide range of tenants since, including a tattoo shop, when it was painted red.

The sale does include all the equipment and furniture inside the castle - which if you think the outside is wild, you HAVE to see the inside. Check out pictures in the gallery below!

'Wisconsin Cheese Castle' in Michigan on Market for $125K

You know, this reminds me of another castle for sale not far from Michigan that ALSO at one time had a knight standing guard...

A Few Hours from MI, Bonnyconnellan Castle is on the Market for $189,000

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