A woman who was shot by police during a chaotic scene outside a Battle Creek mental health facility last week has been charged on multiple counts.

40-year-old Sareedi Harris was arraigned Tuesday in a Calhoun County courtroom on three counts of assault with intent to murder and five other charges. The other charges include carrying a concealed weapon, three counts of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and damaging police property. She has pleaded not guilty on all eight counts.

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Harris was shot during an exchange of gunfire toward officers and mental health workers outside Summit Point First Step on College St. just after noon last Wednesday, December 15. She had arrived for a court-ordered mental health pick-up. Before she fled the scene, Harris crashed into a police vehicle and another vehicle while trying to get away. She was shot by police, sustaining an injury to her shoulder.

Two children were also in the car during the incident, one of them escaping with the help of a mental health worker before she rammed the two vehicles. Both children were not injured.


She was later located at a relative's house near Garfield Ave. and Harris St. where she was taken into custody without further incident. After a check-up at the hospital, she was then taken to the Calhoun County Jail and is currently being held on a $500,000 bond.

Harris faces up to life in prison if convicted on all eight charges. Her preliminary examination is scheduled for January 11th.

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